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EMPOWERED Charity Evening

14 July 2010
Frangipani Restaurant

14 July 2010 marked the first ever EMPOWERED Charity Evening. Frangipani Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur hosted over eighty guests who experienced an elegant evening of fine dining and live entertainment, plus a wine auction. Sponsors, musicians, and guests came in full support to help raise funds for EMPOWERED’s next colorectal cancer screening campaign.

Edgar Estrada on the guitar, playing Latin music, set the mood for the night.

A String quartet led by Daniela Rodnite, with Runa Baagoe, Linda and Simon Cobcroft entertained the guests while they dined.

33 students and 6 teachers from King’s School, Ely, Cambridge UK, provided a fun, unique and memorable musical experience. Despite arriving in Kuala Lumpur the previous day, they played a wide repertoire of music which moved the audience.

Thanks for the show of support to our guests who believe in EMPOWERED ‘s vision to reach out to the poor communities in Malaysia to help them in their fight against cancer.

Special thanks to the organising committee, led by Tracey-Anne Holloway with Dwina, who were instrumental in bringing together this event.

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