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Patient Support Programe

The patient support program is an extension of the colon cancer screening project, which consists of a select group of volunteers providing emotional and physical support to those individuals found to have blood in the stool.

Post-project activities involved volunteers accompanying subjects to hospital and following up on treatment. Below is a series of pictures depicting such activities.

We provide bus transportation for subjects and their family members, for all their hospital visits. Additionally, they receive phone call reminders on their clinic visits and bowel preparation prior to colonoscopy.

We provide assistance in the registration process at the hospital.

We provide moral support while subjects wait for doctor’s consultation.

We accompany subjects to their colonoscopic and subsequent treatment visits.

Our volunteers ……

We hold their hand in their moments of distress.


Tan Chu Tea

Beneficiary from Nov 2011 screening project

Tan Chu Tea, aged 53 years, participated in the November 2011 colon cancer-screening program in Selayang and Gombak. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and underwent treatment at Selayang Hospital. Tan is recovering well. This is a testimony that early and regular screening is vital to detect any potential health risks.

Empowered :
What was your reaction when the Doctor told you that you have colon cancer?
Mr.Tan :
I was calm and took it in good spirit. I believe it is my fate and I am prepared to go for surgery and whatever treatment the doctor advised me to do so.
Empowered :
How did your family members take it when they knew about your condition?
Mr.Tan :
My wife and my children were worried but at the same time provided a lot of support. They told me to take things easy and do not over-worry.
Empowered :
You were working before being diagnosed with colon cancer. What do you intend to do now?
Mr.Tan :
I have stopped work and will now concentrate on my treatment. I will not feel sad and lost. I will continue living my life as normal as possible. I will try to do more charitable work and help others, especially communicating to others on the importance of going for health-checks and seeking treatment early to prolong your life.
Empowered :
What is your comment on Empowered’s colon cancer screening projects in Selayang and Gombak communities?
Mr.Tan :
I am very thankful to Empowered for holding this programme in our community. I have not come across a charitable organization like Empowered that is so caring and dedicated to helping the poor people by providing colon cancer screening and then make all the arrangements to send them to government hospital for colonoscopy and further treatment. Empowered even pay for all the hospital fees and charges. For this, I want to say a big thank you to Empowered.