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Colorectal Cancer Workshop at IJM office

11 November 2013

The IJM colorectal cancer workshop was a collaboration of IJM and EMPOWERED. It attracted a crowd of 50 enthusiastic IJM staff to the multipurpose hall for this wonderful learning experience.

The workshop started off with an introduction video of EMPOWERED – The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia. This was later followed by the first session by Dr. Christina Ng, our President and Founder as well as a practicing Consultant Medical Oncologist. Dr. Christina’s session about the facts of colorectal cancer was very informative with detailed information on definitions, the diagnosis, causes, screening methods, tests as well as treatment options. The participants were initially rather shy to participate in a 5-question quiz session about colorectal cancer. However, the ice quickly melted when prizes sponsored by Kelab Sukan IJM were given out for initial winners.

Dr. Colin Ng, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon was the second speaker. Entitled ‘Bags and Bowels’, Dr. Colin gave an exciting medical insight in the area of stoma and the effects on the lives of the patients living with stoma. Dr. Colin’s session was further enhanced by a demonstration of stoma bags and the ways to put on a stoma bag by Ms. Esther Lai and Mr. Chakravarthi Elangovan of United Italian Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd. The participants were also ‘tested’ by Dr. Colin on their understanding of the session through fun quiz questions with the sponsored prizes as rewards.

Madam Tamilchelvi Muniandy, Centre Administrator in WQ Park Health and Rehabilitation Centre fondly known as Mdm. Chelvi, joined forces with EMPOWERED once more and presented a dynamic session on the benefits of simple exercises that could be performed during short breaks in the office or while watching television in the evenings. With Mdm. Chelvi’s expertise in neurology physiotherapy, these exercises were not only fun and enjoyable, they were also simple and extremely effective to develop a healthier lifestyle for those who put these into practice. Mdm. Chelvi also introduced to the crowd an interesting exercise tool that helps to build and strengthen muscles with the use of resistance bands.

The participants enjoyed themselves and the objectives of this public education were achieved. Group photos were taken and light refreshments served, courtesy of IJM.

To find out more about the slide presentation of the speakers, please visit our resource centre.

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