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Working crew special thank you lunch – Be an Angel with Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh
(Courtesy of Dr. Christina Ng)

9 November 2013

EMPOWERED was blessed with our own angels who formed the working crew as volunteers from different walks of life. Volunteers came from universities and multinational companies. Other volunteers had come forward selflessly to offer their talents in photography, music and event management.

To show her gratitude and appreciation for these kind and generous friends of EMPOWERED, Dr. Christina Ng extended an invitation to all those who helped for a special lunch at SEED restaurant in Mid Valley.

Although some of the volunteers have met a few times in the course of volunteering for this event, the luncheon was a good opportunity to strengthen the friendship bond between different individuals.

Through sumptuous appetizers and main courses, there was exchanging of personal life stories, dreams and goals, interjected with much joking and laughter. It was indeed a wonderful afternoon together in this casual atmosphere.

We also had a belated birthday cake cutting for one of our working crew member, Linda. The birthday cake was a perfect dessert for such a special lunch.

At the end of this short but warm gathering, certificates of appreciation from EMPOWERED was presented to all the volunteers. Before going on their separate ways, the working crew members thanked Dr. Christina for her generosity and for arranging this special meal.

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Glimpses of the Working Crew / Volunteers in action