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A Healthy Lifestyle and Colorectal Cancer Talk at Scientex
(Courtesy of Dr. Christina Ng)

6 April 2013

Around 40 Scientex staff came together to attend a healthy lifestyle and colorectal cancer talk organised by EMPOWERED – The Cancer Advocacy Society of Malaysia at the Scientex head office in Shah Alam.

Dr. Christina Ng, our President and Founder as well as a practicing Consultant Medical Oncologist started off the event by giving a talk on an overview of colorectal cancer, its causes, risk factors, diagnosis, signs and symptoms and treatment options. A mini quiz further lightened the atmosphere as attentive Scientex staff tried their best to get the right answers and win prizes, courtesy of Scientex.

Madam Tamilchelvi Muniandy, fondly known as Mdm. Chelvi, is the Centre Administrator in WQ Park Health and Rehabilitation Centre. Mdm. Chelvi specializes in neurology physiotherapy and was with us during this workshop to present on the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle which is one of the risk factors for cancer. Fortunately, it is a risk factor that everyone can do something about, through regular exercise. Mdm. Chelvi showed an amused crowd ways to exercise, from stretching to aerobic activity and strength training. The benefits of these simple exercises are endless which include lowering blood pressure, improving muscle tone and strength, strengthening bones, helping to reduce stress, tension, anxiety, depression.

Assisting Mdm. Chelvi were staff from WQ Park Health and Rehabilitation Centre who demonstrated some light exercises which everyone can do even when they are desk bound. Everyone had a fun time joining in the demonstration.

This exciting yet informative workshop came to an end as participants enjoyed their light refreshments provided by Scientex.

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