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Colon Cancer Screening


We provide free colorectal cancer-screening test to eligible participants. We use the FIT method (Fecal Immunohistochemical Test) which checks for hidden blood in your stool.

What is FIT kit?

A FIT kit consists of a sampling bottle in green plastic bag. Participants get to take one test kit home. Once a sample is taken, the FIT kit is returned on the same day or the following day to a designated location.

How to collect stool sample

Test Results and Follow-Up

Participants will receive test results, usually 2 weeks’ after the last date of submission of FIT kit. Our volunteers make home visits to break the news to those found with occult blood in their stool. We also arrange their first clinic visit providing the transport for them and their caregivers from their homes to the designated public hospitals. At this visit, a date for colonoscopy is fixed.

We provide transportation and personalised support to all our subjects with a view to ensure that they receive the medical treatment that they need. We call them 1-2 days earlier prior to each of their clinic visits.

We also remind them about their bowel preparation required before colonoscopy.